No Where to Go but Forward

The party was awoken from the cell, unshackled, and thrown into the courtyard to help fight the oncoming invasion. After fighting through the first two waves of goblin fodder with basic weapons the group decides to jump the two drow guards to gain entry to the armory.

After combating a wave of hobgoblins, they made there way into a small library to discover many book and maps and most puzzling of all a small drow girl. The girl could be no more than 8 in human years and she carried with her a stuffed umberhulk similar to that of a surface child’s teddy bear. She retreived a mask and put it on transforming her into and elf. She then pointed to a map of the surface and a journal on the table. She clearly wanted to go there, but what was her motive? As sweet as she seemed there was something dark about her which shown through her smile as she watched the party to continue to fight waves of troops.

Fully equipped again the party fought through the next two waves of duergar troops. Bloody and barely hanging on they looked onward to the last wave of invading drow. Can they hang on long enough to gain their freedom?



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