The Final Push

The party gathered outside the main dining hall and slowly pushed in to the vacant room. The sound of pots and pans clanging could be heard from the kitchen. Eon quietly sneaked up to the doorway and peered in to find a goblin cook hard at work, cleaning his dishes. Eon declares him free, the goblin nearly shits himself from being startled. The bugbear Grog tells him that his village needs a cook and with that the goblin grabs some supplies and heads off into the Underdark following the vague directions Grog gave.

There were two other doors off the dining hall. The party decided to listen to each door; behind the first they heard an interrogation and behind the second, prayers to Lolth. Deciding the priestesses were the greater threat the party pushed into the altar room where they were met by three blade masters and two priestesses of Lolth. It was in this room the party learned what the dark priests of Lolth were capable of. During the battle they witnessed the priestesses transfer damage to the warriors and also a much more sinister spell that exploded the blade master into thousands of spiders that bit the party.

It would be in this dark battle that the barbarian would attempt to rape a drow priestess and would turn on his ally Aranax. Cedric would try to calm the barbarian to no avail and Aranax to end the quarrel if only temporary. It would be in this battle that the drow girl Akazeez would be slain in the blink of an eye. Ultimately though the party would be the victors of this battle.

As one battle ended another was beginning. Out of the other room came the drow inquisitor and his two templar guards. As the party met the group head on, they saw another drow come from the darkness and began brutally assaulting the inquisitor. The battle was short and the party faired well. They decided to allow the drow to continue on with them, at least for now.

They went back into the altar room to investigate the last door. They heard not a sound, so Cedric led the way. As he walked into the room he was ambushed by two drow. His monk training taught him to shrug off the stinging pain, but he was wounded and knew he was in trouble. The party rushed in after him only to be met by a drider and the matron mother herself. Toma kept the party alive as the battle raged on. Every time the party landed a few hits on the matron she would transfer the damage to the drider or one of her warriors. When the battle looked like it was going to favor the party she fled down a secret tunnel, leaving the remaining drow time for her to make her escape.

After the battle the party found the secret tunnel after some investigation. Several party members have some hesitation about pursuing her.



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