The Search for Mother

Trusting in their new drow companions intel, the group tracks the Matron Mother to a well fortified mercenary keep. Outnumbered 10 to 1 stealth was clearly the best option.

The party decided to make their approach from a lower path that ran along the river. The first obstacle they encountered where poisonous mushrooms that released spores. Deciding jumping them was the best option they quickly made there way, only the priest had difficulty clearing them. Severely poisoned Toma was able to heal himself and continue. The party noticed a rare type of mushroom also growing in this location; it produced sacs of poison which causes sleep. Thinking these could prove useful the monk carefully picked two sacs.

As the party continued along the river they made their way to a waterfall and behind it a narrow ledge. Slowly trying to make their way across, half of the party ended up in the rushing river below. The priest quick thinking allowed him to drop a rope and rescue his fellow adventurers. With half the party across they threw ropes to help the others cross safely.

The next obstacle was a 20 foot rock face to scale. The barbarian made his way with ease to the top and dropped a rope for the rest to climb.

Now on the side of the keep’s 5 ft wall the party peered over. One at a time they jumped the wall and attempted to sneak across. Not well versed in the art of stealth, the party’s location was soon spotted by the patrolling guards. Cedric quickly throw a poisonous sac at the group knocking them unconscious.

To Be Continued….



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