Unexpected Awakening

The party awakes with splitting headaches. They look around and see only utter blackness. They try to move only to find their hands and feet restrained.

A voice greets them, “Good your awake, now you can walk.” The next thing they see is a dark elf holding a glowing purple stone. He draws a blade and cuts the bonds of their feet with a fluid motion. He throws a water skin and some dried meat of some sorts at their feet. The parties hunger was so great that they did not have time to consider the source of the meat, they just ate.

As their eyes adjusted they soon realized they were not in the company of just one drow but of a small raiding party. From the stubble on their face they guessed they had been out for just short of a week. Still adjusting to their new surroundings and the predicament they were in, they did not hear the call of the taskmaster to rise. It was an error the party would not soon forget, they were met with the stings of whips again and again until they rose and started moving again.

The party traveled for several more days before they came to a purple shimmering portal. As the party passed through the portal they felt the surge of energy and by the cold temperature that met them, they knew they have traveled a great distance. Unfortunately for them, still darkness except for the stone. They traveled several more days before they arrived at their new home.

They were quickly shown to their new quarters. They were locked in a prison with three buckets and a few furs to lie on. There was a bucket for wastes, one for water, and the other food. Soon after their arrival they were met by other prisons returning from todays work.

The party soon fines this is a drow mining operation. The oldest slave has been here six months. He tells the party, “the drow will only keep you around as long as you prove useful”.

Deciding it was in the parties best interest until they had a better plan they started mining. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months.

Escape seemed impossible. Armed drow watched them. The party’s legs were shackled and the casters hands too tightly shackled to cast spells. Not to mention the fact they were stripped of their armor, weapons, and implements.

After 3 months of hard labor a potential opportunity finally arose. Could the party capitalize on it? The complex was under attack!



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